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No stopping soul-jazz flutist Ragan Whiteside

Her fifth collection, “Five Up Top,” drops Friday as she enjoys a Billboard Top 10 hit streak

ATLANTA (18 November 2020): Riding a hot streak of six consecutive Billboard Top 10 singles, soul-jazz flutist Ragan Whiteside will drop her new EP, “Five Up Top,” on Friday on the Randis Music label. Cowriting four new songs for the disc with her producers, influential soul-jazz keyboardist Bob Baldwin and Dennis Johnson (Celine Dion, Freddie Jackson, Melba Moore), the latter of whom handles drums and keyboards on the EP, Whiteside vowed to drop her fifth album this year and refused to be stopped by the novel coronavirus.

“This record, more than my other albums, was an exercise in sheer will, determination and drive. Juggling a family with two toddlers, live shows and all the business-related stuff you have to do as an independent artist is a challenge. Adding an album project to the mix took that challenge to another level. Just when we thought we had everything ‘under control,’ the pandemic hit and everything screeched to a halt. The focus shifted to safety and survival since nobody had a clear idea of the full impact of COVID-19,” said the Atlanta-based Whiteside.

“We knew we wanted to name this album ‘Five Up Top’ since it is my fifth studio album. However, with the time constraints, we realized that if we wanted to get this album out this year, we would have to get realistic and compromise on the length. We ended up making a five-song EP, which kept with the ‘five’ theme and took some of the pressure off.”

The conservatory-trained Whiteside recently rose to No. 3 on the Billboard chart and No. 1 on the MediaBase chart with “JJ’s Strut,” a jubilant joint inspired by her daughter’s moxie that opens the EP.

“Dennis conceived the song that we named for our daughter. She’s a feisty little cutie who doesn’t just walk – she struts!” said Whiteside who was accompanied on the cut by trumpeter Willie Bradley and guitarist Tony Bunch.        

Written with a backyard barbecue in mind that Whiteside describes as filled with “sun, food, laughter, music and dancing with a plate in your hand,” “Jam It” went to No. 2 at Billboard and reigned in the No. 1 position at MediaBase for five weeks.

The EP’s lone reboot comes from an unexpected source: Little River Band. Whiteside climbed to No. 8 on the Billboard chart by soulfully reimagining the Australian rock band’s 1978 hit “Reminiscing,” giving it an R&B flair with lyrical flute play and dreamy vocals illuminating the chorus. The single was accompanied by a video (https://bit.ly/3f9bCx0).     

Recalling her Bronx roots where saucy Latin rhythms permeated the air, “12 Bean Soup” is a Latin jazz stew seasoned by Baldwin’s tasty piano and Phil Hamilton’s (Luther Vandross) spicy guitar riffs.

“Dennis and I grew up close to New York’s Orchard Beach, so we spent a lot of time enjoying the sounds, sights and smells of the Latin culture. People would come to the boardwalk with percussion instruments, guitars, flutes, radios, etc. and sit there all day and jam out,” said Whiteside who hosts a weekly radio show on Atlanta’s WCLK.

Speeding to a close comes “Flying on 75,” a clubby Euro house meets contemporary jazz hybrid capable of making dance floors jump. Percussionist Chembo Corniel drives the rhythm with prominent beats and crafty percussive fills.   

“In Atlanta, I-75 can often be like a NASCAR race and you really need to know what you’re doing. When I’m driving, and especially when I’m running late, I tend to choose specific songs for specific roads that will help me focus and get there. Just be careful with this song: I found that I had a little extra lead in my foot when this song was bumping in my car,” admonished Whiteside with a laugh.      

Whiteside’s hit streak includes her first Billboard No. 1 hit, “Corey’s Bop,” along with “Early Arrival” that features saxophonist Kim Waters and “See You at the Get Down.” She has been collaborating with Baldwin and Johnson since her 2007 debut album, “Class Axe.” Pairing her classical flute with R&B, funk, jazz and fusion grooves, Whiteside has cultivated a fervent following with her consistent chart presence, abundance of global airplay and rousing performances at popular music festivals and cruises.  

“Five Up Top” contains the following songs:

“JJ’s Strut”

“Jam It”


“12 Bean Soup”

“Flying on 75”

For more information, please visit https://www.raganwhiteside.com.

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The long awaited 5th studio project will be available on all digital outlets November 17, 2020. Ot features chart topping songs “Jam It,” “JJ’s Strut,” and “Reminiscing”.


2019 has been an exciting year for Ragan, with multiple Billboard hits and a new album coming soon!

– #3 on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Artists for 2019
– 2 songs in the Top 20 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Songs 2019 Year End chart (#9, “See you at the Get Down”, #11 “Jam It”)
– Appears 4 times on Smooth Jazz Network’s Best of 2019 Chart: #2 “See You at the Get Down”, #9 “Jam It”, #18 “Femme Flight – Carol Albert” (guest artist), #30 “You Better Know It – Sorice” (guest artist)

Stay tuned for the WORLD PREMIER of Ragan’s new music video!!


2018 has been an incredible year!  After soaring to #1 on Billboard, MediaBase, and Smooth Jazz Network, “Corey’s Bop” nabbed the #1 spot on Smooth Jazz Network’s Top 100 Songs of 2018!  Billboard also has “Corey’s Bop” at #16 on the Top 100 Songs of 2018.  Continuing its rise is Ragan’s 3rd single “See You at the Get Down,” which is currently #14 on Billboard!  Last but not least, Ragan Whiteside is one of 10 nominees for Smooth Jazz Network’s “BreakOut Artist of 2018”.  You can cast your vote once per day until Dec. 31st and the winner will be announced in January 2019.

Ragan Whiteside


Ragan Whiteside, the flautist who catches the ear like few in the world of contemporary jazz can, is getting ready to make waves again with the release of her third single, “See You at the Get Down” from her critically acclaimed album, TREBLEMAKER. “See You at the Get Down” follows on the heels of Ragan’s Billboard #1 single, “Corey’s Bop” and features The PR Experience and Bob Baldwin.
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First female flutist in history to nab the Trifecta

After the Billboard Top 10 success of “Early Arrival,” flutist and Mt. Vernon, NY native Ragan Whiteside has made history as the first female flutist to hit #1 on Billboard, Mediabase, and Smooth Jazz Network Top 100 simultaneously with her second single, “Corey’s Bop”.

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“Corey’s Bop,” the follow up single to Billboard Top 10 hit “Early Arrival” has entered the Top 10 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz airplay chart. This is a career milestone for Ragan, as this is the first time she’s had 2 back to back Billboard Top 10 singles from the same album.

December Soul (SESAC), Funky Onion Music (SESAC), Raw Groove (SESAC),

Ragan Whiteside – flute
Bob Baldwin & Dennis Johnson – keyboards
Derek Scott – guitar
Richard Harrison – drums

Mixed by Dennis Johnson
Mastered by Matt Noble
Radio Promotion: Gorov Music Marketing


Ragan Whiteside, the flautist who catches the ear like few in the world of contemporary jazz can, is making waves again with the release of her second single, “Corey’s Bop” from her critically acclaimed album, TREBLEMAKER.  “Corey’s Bop” follows on the heels of Ragan’s Billboard Top 10 single, “Early Arrival”.




Grammy voting season is upon us once again and I am enjoying listening to all of the submissions that have come my way!

For your consideration, I humbly submit my latest instrumental album, TREBLEMAKER, featuring special guests: Kim Waters, Marion Meadows, Frank McComb, Tom Browne, and Bob Baldwin. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.



Ragan Whiteside’s 4th studio release Treblemaker is going for adds starting 5/22 with the exciting new single, “Early Arrival”.
Download the radio one-sheet here.